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Indie Brand Spotlight: Oden’s Eye Review

As a lover of mythology, and of course makeup, I’ve been drawn to this company from the moment I heard about it. When the Swedish brand first established themselves, they stated, “Oden’s Eye is inspired by ancient Nordic mythology, and our products and collections will also be built around this theme.” Their initial collections were very light and whimsical with eyeshadow palettes that reflected … Read More Indie Brand Spotlight: Oden’s Eye Review


This is my third post about Japanese brushes, but the first two were combined into part one, which can be viewed here. Unlike my past posts, this one includes brands that are not strictly from Kumano. I’d also like to note that now that I’m familiar with the different sales and discounts offered among the retailers, I didn’t pay full price for any of … Read More FUDE COLLECTION PART 2

Best of Rare Beauty Lip and Cheek Set

When Rare Beauty first launched, I couldn’t decide between Joy and Love blush shades and I didn’t want to have so many cream and liquid products all being opened at once. So, I held off buying them and I’m glad I did because this 4 piece set is perfect for me! At these sizes, I don’t feel as guilty about how often I’d get … Read More Best of Rare Beauty Lip and Cheek Set

ELF Cosmetics Bite Size Face Duos and More

2014 was the year my obsession with makeup really started, but my history with E.L.F. began in 2011 at the latest. My Aunt bought me one of their Smoky Eye books that had a step-by-step diagram of how to achieve a smokey eye. I don’t believe I used it that often but compared to the chalky eyeshadows I’d been experiencing at the time, I … Read More ELF Cosmetics Bite Size Face Duos and More

Updated: Fude Brushes

I have made so many changes to my brush collection since my previous Fude discussion that I felt the need to create a second post. And for consistency, the barebones information presented here has been updated to that post as well, so it can continue to be a single resource for all things Fude related from my end! I’ll start with the most exciting … Read More Updated: Fude Brushes

FUDE COLLECTION: Japanese Makeup Brushes Part 1

*LAST UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2020 What Makes These Brushes Special? Kumano is called the world’s brush making capital and it is where all the brushes I’ll be talking about today were created. Chikuhodo has a detailed explanation of the process that artisans go through to handmake these brushes. For generations, the brush makers in Kumano have been honing their craft, making world-renown calligraphy brushes, … Read More FUDE COLLECTION: Japanese Makeup Brushes Part 1

Empty Magnetic Palette Comparisons

I have a post in this blog about creating DIY custom palettes, but today’s topic is for those trying to find good quality pre-made options at the best prices. When discussing how many eyeshadows will fit, I am referring to the standard eyeshadow pan size of 26mm. Tax and shipping are not considered in the price listings. COLOURED RAINE Holds: 96 pans Materials: Cardboard, … Read More Empty Magnetic Palette Comparisons

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Brush Review

Note: I live in SW Florida. At the time of me posting this, Hurricane Irma has not yet hit. Please keep Florida in your prayers. Thank you and stay safe! ❤ There’s nothing about cosmetics that gets me more excited than brushes and this year there have been so many amazing innovations! I discussed the Moschino + Sephora Brush Set in my previous post … Read More Real Techniques Powder Bleu Brush Review

Moschino x Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Collection

These beauties look like they came straight out of a build-a-bear shop! Amidst the drama, both positive and negative surrounding this collection, I expected someone else to have noticed the similarities between the B-A-B store colors and the packaging of these bears, but I may be alone on that! Worst Launch Ever or Clever Business Tactic? *Note: Feel free to skip this section if … Read More Moschino x Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Collection

Reusing Birchboxes (DIY Z-Palette Alternative)

It’s been almost a year since my last post and during that time away from this blog I’ve been searching for ways to utilize and organize the mass of beauty products I’ve accumulated. I began to delve into the world of “upcycling” and although I no longer subscribe to Birchbox, I still have a gigantic collection of their pretty boxes that I don’t want … Read More Reusing Birchboxes (DIY Z-Palette Alternative)

The Highlight of My Makeup

Applying highlighter to the face is like adding icing to a cake. It’s the eye-catching final touch that looks beautiful in person and stunning in photos. Realistically, one highlighter and/or illuminating product is all that’s needed in the standard makeup collection. I gave some of my highlighters to a friend but somehow managed to purchase more than before! In fact, about half of the … Read More The Highlight of My Makeup

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