LATEST UPDATE: September 18th, 2022

I am currently recovering from surgery and due to the long recovery period, regular Monday postings will be interrupted/inconsistent for the rest of this year. I still have about 20 partial posts that were started prior to surgery, and therefore I will still have content coming to this blog, just not at a stable predictable rate. There may be a few weeks or a month gap without posts, but if you’re following via email, you will be notified of every post. Thank you for understanding.


This page will remain here as a guide to the blog!

On the left side menu are the links to my ongoing Series posts (ex: Fude Series, Low-Buy Series, etc.) along with “Recent Posts.” Cell phone and tablet users can click where it says Navigation to open the drop-down menu for those Series posts, as well as scroll to the bottom to see the most Recent posts.

The “Table of Contents” section will help you find a particular category you may be looking for (eyeshadows, lipsticks, perfume, subscription services, beauty articles, etc.). There is also a search bar if there’s a particular product or topic you have in mind already!

My blog officially launched August 16th, 2015. I haven’t stopped testing things out, so if I make any changes to the format you’ll find them noted right here on the main page. I hope to see you again soon, beautiful! 😉