My name is Lian (pronounced Lee-Ann), but Lili is my nickname. I’m a thirty two year old living in Florida, but I plan to move to Germany within the next few years. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Florida and a minor in Classical Studies. About me sections are difficult because I’m a very private person, and yet, I’m a part-time blogger! My love of the cosmetics industry takes precedence over my social anxiety. Makeup is a passion of mine, and I want to share that love with others!

When I created this blog, it wasn’t easy to find pictures of the makeup I wanted and the shades I was interested in demonstrated on people with my complexion. My goal is to help others be informed consumers by showing the products, describing what worked for me or didn’t, discuss whether it’s worth the money or waiting for a sale, etc.

Consider following this blog to allow my makeup addiction to benefit to you!


Contact Information and Social Media Links

Email for business inquiries only:

Full Disclosure and Affiliations

This blog became part of the WordAds program on August 2020, which it is still part of today. This means that I have the potential to earn revenue on ads placed on this website. This revenue cannot be claimed until at least $100 has been earned. After one year, I have not reached that mark and will likely not reach it by the second year either. This is why I do not post disclosures on every post on my blog because despite having the opportunity to earn money, I do not actually make money on this blog.

I have the WordPress premium plan, which means I am actively spending more money hosting this blog to allow myself the media space (for pictures and videos), have my own domain name, email, a more customizable template, and also have less ads on my page than when it was under the free plan. I view blogging as my hobby and while I’ve been curious to see what revenue can be made, monetary gain has never been my focus. Which is great since I’m not making any.

On September 18th, 2021 I joined the LYS Beauty Confidence Crew affiliate program. This means I earn a commission when someone uses my affiliate link or a discount code created for me by LYS. Similar to many programs, there is a minimum requirement for me to reach in order to actually get that revenue, so I consider this an opportunity to gain more insight on the business side of blogging and I am not focusing on the monetary aspect. I plan to continue posting the same content with my same honest reviews like I always have. Even if I make zero dollars from joining an affiliate program (from LYS or any others), I will always disclose an affiliation anyway in all posts going forward where I mention a product from said affiliated brand. Anything I receive that I did not pay for gets disclosed. I always have been and will continue to be transparent about that.

If you would like to shop LYS Beauty using my affiliate link, please click HERE. The link will open to a new tab. At the moment, I also have a 20% off affiliated discount code LYSUNBOXLILI which is good until October 18th, 2021.

If there are any changes to my affiliation status, whether it’s no longer being part of a program or adding one to the list, it will be updated here.

3 Comments on “About

  1. Hi Lian,

    Apologies for my first comment. I was in the middle of typing and it just “swoosh” sent without any notice.

    Anyway, I am Adam and we are a Cosmetic Brush manufacturer BISYODO located in Japan but NOT from Kumano Hiroshima where all the famous brush manufacturers are.

    It would be an honor if you could write and post some of our brushes as well.

    Let us know if you have interest an we will contact you.

    BISYODO – Japan


    • Yes, I am interested in all natural hair brushes from Japan. Thank you for reading my blog! I currently have the BISYODO alba Series Powder Brush and I am including it in an updated Fude post that I have planned for early April, depending on how quickly I finish the post. I hope to one day try more Bisyodo brushes, since my experience with the powder brush has been so pleasant!


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