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Artist Couture Love Sprung and Supreme Nudes Palette Review

I’ve toyed with the idea of making an “Influencer Brands” review, but I kept pushing it back as I haven’t been inspired by the products in mind for that post. So, I decided to give Artist Couture a solo review. The brand is owned by Angel Merino, also known as “mac_daddyy” on social media. I heard the name mentioned many times by Jackie Aina … Read More Artist Couture Love Sprung and Supreme Nudes Palette Review

Indie Brand Spotlight: Oden’s Eye Review

As a lover of mythology, and of course makeup, I’ve been drawn to this company from the moment I heard about it. When the Swedish brand first established themselves, they stated, “Oden’s Eye is inspired by ancient Nordic mythology, and our products and collections will also be built around this theme.” Their initial collections were very light and whimsical with eyeshadow palettes that reflected … Read More Indie Brand Spotlight: Oden’s Eye Review

Danessa Myricks Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, and Coloured Raine Mini Reviews

Danessa Myricks Beauty and Mented Cosmetics are brands I’ve been curious about over the past year and I decided to try a few things from each of them! This is also the first time in a long while since I’ve purchased something other than eyeshadows from Coloured Raine! Danessa Myricks Balm Contour in Deep 1 Danessa Myricks is a makeup artist and her products … Read More Danessa Myricks Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, and Coloured Raine Mini Reviews

Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Club Nebula palette and showing the reformulated Mars Melter Highlighter. The reason I’ll just be showing, but not reviewing, the highlighter is because mine was shattered. My usual method of repressing shimmer products is to use a little 91% isopropyl alcohol. While I don’t believe the integrity of the two eyeshadows from the palette were effected, I believe not … Read More Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette

Pat Mcgrath Highlighters and Mascaras

I posted several reviews of Pat Mcgrath’s eyeshadows, but today I wanted to showcase some of the other makeup items I own from the brand. Pat Mcgrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio I’ve had this trio for about a year, but I forgot to include it in my last PMG brand review. It’s not something I use very often because it includes two … Read More Pat Mcgrath Highlighters and Mascaras

INDIE BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Persona Cosmetics Review

I’d like to begin this post by noting the Georgia Blush, Del Mar Highlighter, and 24Hr Eyeliner were gifted to me by Persona Cosmetics for the purpose of customer satisfaction and not for blog/reviewing purposes. I will go more into detail on that in the Terracotta Blush section. Prior to January 5th, I only had the eyeshadow palettes. The Identity Two palette specifically had … Read More INDIE BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Persona Cosmetics Review

Ofra Cosmetics Review

Ofra is a small Florida based company best known for their highlighters and liquid lipsticks. I wasn’t aware of the brand until four years ago when Ofra had their first collaboration with Youtuber Nikkietutorials. Since then, they’ve continued to partner with influencers: Nikkie, Kathleenlights, Samantha March, Jen Luvs, and more. I imagine Ofra is doing very well considering their products are available at Ulta. … Read More Ofra Cosmetics Review

Natasha Denona Collection Review

I forgot to include my Natasha Denona cheek products in my initial photo, but this post will cover everything I own from the brand! Bloom Blush and Glow Palette I use the Glow Cream Base as a subtle wet looking highlighter. I also mix it with the dark red Cream Blush to create a medium pink shade, since I don’t like the tone of … Read More Natasha Denona Collection Review

PUR x Barbie and Kiko Milano 2020 Holiday Collections

It’s a bit late to post about last year’s holiday items, but as these products are still available and on sale, I really wanted to post my thoughts on them. Pur x Barbie Palette I received this palette as a birthday gift. Until this point, I hadn’t tried anything from PUR, but I heard mixed reviews about their eyeshadow formula. I was pleasantly surprised … Read More PUR x Barbie and Kiko Milano 2020 Holiday Collections

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters

Becca Cosmetics was initially known for having a very inclusive shade range of complexion products and making shades for the deepest of skin tones that few companies at the time were willing to create. But the main hype around the brand, what it’s best known for, are their shimmering skin perfectors. They became even more popular within Beauty Youtube after collaborating with Jaclyn Hill … Read More Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters

Lethal Cosmetics Face Powders, Velvet Dusk Palette, and More

I’m a big fan of Lethal Cosmetics for their quality products, fantastic customer service, fast worldwide shipping, and the importance they place on diversity and inclusion. My initial interest in the brand was for their eyeshadows. At the time of writing this, I own 72 out of their 90 individual shades released so far, and I reviewed most of them earlier this year. Even … Read More Lethal Cosmetics Face Powders, Velvet Dusk Palette, and More

Swatchfest Part 1

At the rate that I’m currently posting, it would be impossible for me to showcase my entire makeup collection. The reason I started this blog in the first place was to help others find swatches of products that I had a difficult time finding on someone with my skin tone. However, there are parts of my collection that I’ve had for well over a … Read More Swatchfest Part 1

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