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Juvia’s Place Review Part 2

In my last Juvia’s Place review, I mentioned that I wasn’t getting anything new lately because of the pressed glitters that Juvia’s Place kept putting in nearly all of their palettes from part of 2019 through 2020. However, there was a big sale during the holidays and I folded. Nubian Glow Gift Set This collection consists of the Nubian Glow Palette, the Mango Lip … Read More Juvia’s Place Review Part 2


I’ve been a Juvia’s Place customer for three years now, but it wasn’t until 2019-2020 that I actually started using what I purchased. Most of my experience with the brand is through their eyeshadow palettes. The quality is great but the color stories always threw me for a loop. I never knew how to pair colors together in a way that I felt was … Read More INDIE BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Juvia’s Place Review

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