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Swatchfest #4: My Newest Single Eyeshadows

I tend to post my newest purchases far in advance on my Instagram page, so if you’ve found me through there, you may have seen some of these already. However, the majority of these shadows I’m featuring today have not been posted on this blog until now. In addition to arm swatches, I’ve also tried to do eye swatches and some finger swatches as … Read More Swatchfest #4: My Newest Single Eyeshadows

Swatchfest #3: Viseart

In order to get more use out of my Viseart shadows, I depotted them from their smaller palettes, then placed them in one custom magnetic palette, and lastly sold the remaining shades I didn’t want in my collection. Muse Beauty Pro sells some shades individually, so I ordered a few of those as well during various sales. Most of these do not have names, … Read More Swatchfest #3: Viseart

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