Swatchfest #3: Viseart

In order to get more use out of my Viseart shadows, I depotted them from their smaller palettes, then placed them in one custom magnetic palette, and lastly sold the remaining shades I didn’t want in my collection. Muse Beauty Pro sells some shades individually, so I ordered a few of those as well during various sales.

Most of these do not have names, but I labeled some of those according to their positions in the palettes.

The shadows from my Viseart Dark Mattes palette are exactly five years old. I can see the changes in texture, even though they still perform nearly the same way. The oranges and reds were always the best shades in the palette. The blues and the olive shade were always the patchiest in swatches. I honestly only kept the blues because the shades are pricey and many years too old to sell.
Since I still love the oranges and purples, but I feel like I need to toss them, I have considered purchasing the Viseart Dark Edit Eyeshadow Palette which has those shades as minis (minus the blue), plus a few additional pretty shimmers. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I won’t allow myself to purchase anymore Viseart shadows unless I prove to myself I’m going to use the ones I currently have even more.

The Pastis shade had to be built up many times. I have a hard time getting that shade to stay vibrant and visible on my eyes. Clover and Forrest don’t look the best in swatches, but they perform better on the eyes. I mentioned the Dark Mattes shades are old, but all my other Viseart shadows were purchased in 2019.

I was a little annoyed when I purchased Bougainvillea as a single shadow and found out how similar it looked to the Lavender shade I already had. The only difference between the two is that Bougainvillea is slightly brighter. It has a more vibrant purple pigment in it.

I didn’t purchase any of Viseart’s new palettes in 2020 because they always mixed light neutral shades I never wear with a few pops of interesting colors I want. The Étendu Violette Palette has some stunning purples, but out of the four shades I want, one looks like Bonbon and one looks like Lavender in certain photos. So, the Viseart no-buy continues.

That’s everything I have for now. Have a fantastic day!


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