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Updated: Fude Brushes

I have made so many changes to my brush collection since my previous Fude discussion that I felt the need to create a second post. And for consistency, the barebones information presented here has been updated to that post as well, so it can continue to be a single resource for all things Fude related from my end! I’ll start with the most exciting … Read More Updated: Fude Brushes

FUDE COLLECTION: Japanese Makeup Brushes Part 1

*LAST UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2020 What Makes These Brushes Special? Kumano is called the world’s brush making capital and it is where all the brushes I’ll be talking about today were created. Chikuhodo has a detailed explanation of the process that artisans go through to handmake these brushes. For generations, the brush makers in Kumano have been honing their craft, making world-renown calligraphy brushes, … Read More FUDE COLLECTION: Japanese Makeup Brushes Part 1

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