My First Nars Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased the Nars Climax Palette near the end of 2021 and this is what I will be reviewing. I didn’t want “Climax Palette” in my title, although what better day is there than Valentine’s Day to discuss such a cheekily named product!

This has a great selection of mattes: a brightening, transition, colorful, and deepening up shade. Since I love bright colorful greens, I wish Up In Smoke was a bit brighter and less muted, but I can appreciate that the olive hue in that eyeshadow pairs well with the olive shimmer called Hooked. It’s similar to the way that Public Eye is the matte counterpart to Next Level.

Open Wide adds brightness to my eye area and it is pigmented enough to even partially cover darker shadows. Private Show is a little light as a transition shade for me, but it still works.

I was always under the impression that Nars eyeshadows were lacking in pigmentation, but that is at least not the case with the ones in this palette. They blend and build easily over MAC Paint Pot. Passion Play, Next Level, and Night Rhythm are all more shimmery than I anticipated! Even though they aren’t vibrant shades, the sparkle level is the intensity that I like in my lid shades. Envious is my preferred shade for the inner corner though. The inner corner is the spot where I most easily get shimmer particles in my eye. Envious isn’t to the same sparkle level as the others, especially when I wet my brush. The smoother the formula, the less likely I am of accidentally getting some in my eye while trying to apply it evenly. Envious gives me a nice amount of shine while also being easier to get on the inner corner.

I don’t even have much to say about this palette except that I’m glad I decided to buy it before it sold out, since it’s Limited Edition (it did get restocked recently on the Nars website). If all Nars eyeshadows are this quality, I would want to purchase more in the future as long as the selection of shades match my preferences. I’ve been waiting for years to pick the right one for me, so it might be quite a while longer until I’m interested enough in the color story to buy the next one.

That’s all for today! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


11 thoughts on “My First Nars Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I can see why this palette has been so popular. Toned down enough for every day but the color selection is more unique than the average neutral palette. I’m really loving that night rhythm shade, especially as that lower lash line pop of color.

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    • I didn’t expect to like Night Rhythm but it definitely surprised me! Part of me wishes Nars made more color stories that were up my alley so I could experience more of their shadows, but my wallet thanks them. lol.

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    • It reminds me a lot of the BH Cosmetics Emerald palette. The burgundy-brown, the shimmery brown, and the greens. Plus a light shade! Definitely an affordable alternative I think. Just missing the blue 😀

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      • Yes, they unfortunately filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy so they’re still in business but in danger of closing. The US part of their company is struggling, but they seem to still be doing well in their BH Cosmetics Germany branch. Maybe that is what is keeping them from fully closing. Or delayed eventual closing. It’s a shame because they are capable of making fantastic things, but they don’t always do it. But when they do something right…it’s soooo good!

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      • I’m a little worried that so many companies going out of business is going to stagnate the beauty scene honestly . I would much rather have different companies with their own aesthetics and such . I only have a few things from Bh , one I really like and one I half like . But they had some interesting stuff

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  2. I was reading this article and saw the pics of the pallette and realized I brought a pretty much exact dupe of it from NYX Called USP12 Ultimate Utopia. They have all the same colors plus 7 more that fit right into the color scheme. It has great color payoff stays on all day( especially when used with primer I love the “mermaid shimmers” as I call them so beautiful. So if your looking for a more adorable option go right to your drugstore and pick up the NYX version you won’t b2 disappointed

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