TATI BEAUTY Textured Neutrals Vol 1 REVIEW

Because the glitters included are so reflective, I posted photos with the flash on and off to show the differences in lighting.

The best part about the performance of these shadows is that they apply in a smooth even layer of color because they are nicely pigmented. At the same time, once you try to blend them, they will need to be built back up. This means it can take more time than usual to complete a look. I suspect the formula was intended to be this way because I believe Tati’s preferred method of applying eyeshadow is to dip into the pan multiple times rather than running the risk of applying too much shadow at once and struggling to blend it out. This is beneficial for someone who wants a softer look or has a lighter complexion where it doesn’t take as much pigment for eyeshadows to pop on the skin.

I find that the color section of Vol 1, on its own, is so close within the range of my skin tone. I have to overapply the Sequin and Matte versions of Soothe, and the Metallic version of Ritual, in order to make those shades visible in the swatches. On my eyelids, the Metallic shades Ritual, Story, and Soothe look almost identical, just with different undertones to them. They all just look light with one slightly more bronze, one slightly more coppery, and a champagne gold.

Above are my first attempts at using this palette. The Poet color story was what I looked forward to the most, but I feel the result looks sickly on me. That’s when I learned my first trick to this palette; you can blend the colors over each other to create a more unique shade! In the looks below, I combined Poet and Story to obscure the pink tones that I didn’t like. I also blended Ritual and Poet to create a deeper purple color. Admittedly, it would be faster to just use a different palette with shades that suit me better, but since I already paid for this, I may as well find ways to be able to use it.

Another tip I learned for blending the shades from the crease and upward is to start with the darkest color and defuse it with a lighter eyeshadow, rather than working from lightest to darkest. It goes back to the formula needing to be built up once blended, so working from darkest to lightest requires less manipulation/blending of the shades I’d naturally want to make an impact. Working from lightest to darkest (my usual method) required me to keep going back and forth building all the shades back up and was much more time-consuming.

Fun Fact: These pans are magnetic and not glued in, which means easy de-potting into a custom palette! I’m considering moving Matte Memory and Story as well as Metallic Memory and Story into my custom magnetic palette, as those are the shades that I enjoy using the most.

WARNING 12/9/19: I did remove several pans for my custom palette using a magnet. However, do not attempt this on the Matte Memory shade! The actual powder pigments attached to my magnet, causing it to break completely from the pan. My guess is that shadow is in a high concentration of pigment (iron oxide) or is in a combination that was formulated in a way that made it highly magnetized. Below is the photo of what happened. Perhaps the magnet I use is too powerful, but I would not recommend anyone depot that shade using one.

The Textured Neutrals Volume One palette is being touted as a “basics” palette which can be synonymous with “beginner,” yet I found there was a learning curve on how to make this palette work for me. Because of the specific color story restricting me from using the palette the way I want; I didn’t like this initially, though now I am enjoying it. Tati is my favorite beauty YouTuber, so it’s not easy to acknowledge that this is still far from being a favorite eyeshadow palette of mine. I wouldn’t put it in my top 10 because I am still not getting full use out of it, considering I hate matte shades with glitter added (as opposed to a true shimmer) which is what the sequin row essentially is. You have to pack it on without blending in order for those specs of glitter to stay visible and not just blow away off the eyes. For that reason, I’m basically looking at the sequin row as a duplicate matte row. I’m also too cautious to use the glitters. That means I’ve taken issue with half the palette!

The glitter shades certainly are gorgeous. When I swatched them, they felt like kinetic sand. It’s a very cool feeling and they do wipe off the finger fairly easy (much better than other glitters which is a huge selling point for glitter lovers). However, I’m not glitter person. I love shimmer but not glitter. Plus, these are not eye-safe and I am a contact lens wearer, so I am especially wanting to keep them away from my eyes.

For these reasons, I acknowledge that this is a good palette. However, it’s really not suited for my personal style. I’m still glad to have supported Tati (whose reviews have saved me plenty of money on what not to buy and I’ve found plenty of favorites thanks to her), so I don’t mind having purchased this palette.

If you’d like to purchase this yourself, the restock is available for Pre-Order on the Tati Beauty website. This is not an affiliate link and this is a non-sponsored review.



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