Too Faced Vegas Nay Stardust Palette

mainstarvnayThis Ulta Exclusive is really a pack because it includes a mini Better than Sex mascara, Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, 6 tutorial cards, and Glamour Dust loose pigment. cardsfrontcardsbackThe extras are worth at least $18 at the most competitive pricing. This puts the palette itself at around $27. I think the Stardust palette is worth the price although there are some major flaws, depending on your preferences.

Row 1

1Star1starsChandelier looks stark white on my hand but I was surprised to see it wasn’t too light to use as a highlight shade. It looks completely matte but upon closer inspection in the pan, it has a little shimmer. Millennial is a peachy tan matte shade which I also find works nicely as a highlight shade. Girl’s Night is a rust colored matte shadow and a little inconsistent in swatches. Sometimes it comes off as a little more orange, or more red. At times the brown looks in a way I can only describe as “dirty” and other times it’s bright.

girlsnightI still like this as a transition color, although it can be tricky to make each eye the same shade when using it. All three of these are well pigmented, blendable, and soft in texture.

Row 2

2Star2starsb#selfie is essentially Chandelier with much more shimmer and a metallic finish. Showgirl is another metal and the most impressive shadow in the palette. It’s a beautiful golden shade with a smooth texture, well pigmented, and no fallout. Jackpot is a deep brown with gold glitter and good pigmentation but the amount of kick up is the worst of any palette I’ve ever owned. JackpotFailIt’s one step away from being a loose pigment. Jackpot, The Strip, and Golden Nugget are the eyeshadows with the loosest formulation.

Row 3

3Star3starsThis is the least exciting row for me. Pink Pearl is a pale pink with slight purple tones and minimal fallout. The Strip is the color that made me realize just how similar these light shades are. lightsIn the pan, The Strip looks like someone mixed #selfie, Pink Pearl, and a ton of glitter. If you apply your foundation and concealer before doing your eye makeup, I hope you have the best glue-like shadow primer to keep the fallout away. lidandinnerright eyeI wear contact lenses so this shade is particularly nightmarish because of how easy it is to get glitter in my eyes. I used it as an inner corner and lid color for two of the suggestion cards and it looked like no pigment, just sparkle.


InstaStarbComment Queen

CommentQueenI was afraid to put The Strip on the inner corner again, so I put #selfie instead. The strip is on the lid though.

Jackpot is messy but at least it shows up on my skin, unlike this one. Even with a pencil brush, the inner corner looks messy. Follow Me is a pretty violet purple shade with only minor fallout. I haven’t experimented with this shadow as much as the others but I imagine I can use it for the same purpose as Sugared Violet from the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette.

Row 4

4Star4starsI can’t tell if the shimmer on Double Tap is supposed to be there or if it’s just glitter from another shadow, especially because it looks mostly matte in swatches. It’s a burgundy shade with dark brown tones. I wish there was more purple in it, because when I apply on my eyes, I only see brown with a touch of red. It’s the lid color in my custom eye look photo.


TFVNCustom I use both Double Tap and Girl’s Night as crease colors or for the outer V, and I don’t see an instance when using one would be better than the other. If Double Tap was a truer burgundy, I wouldn’t feel like this shade is redundant.

browntonesGolden Nugget is a stunning yellow gold color but that beauty is spoiled by the same fallout-heavy formulation as The Strip. Too Faced makes a glitter insurance primer and considering how many of these shades perform like loose pigments (plus the inclusion of the glamour dust) I have no idea why they didn’t include that as the mini primer instead. In my custom eye look, I tried to use Gold Nugget as an inner corner shade but nothing stuck to my eyes. I attempted to use water and it was still unsatisfactory. This eyeshadow was one of biggest reasons I wanted this palette, so I am willing to try switching to my usual primer (Lorac) to see if it will work better. Sin City is a matte black (when glitter from other shades don’t get into it). It’s soft and blendable. I do wish it was more intense, but it’s still darker than Licorice from my Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.

I kept pushing back the date of this post because I wanted to ensure I tested this thoroughly and gave this palette a fair review. Despite having this for 6 weeks, I haven’t tried every possibility. I could buy another primer and see if it yields better results. I know that using a finger in swatches held the pigment better in place, so I could apply the sparkly lid colors with my finger in the future. I could use all the colors wet to see if they would adhere more intensely and stay put, but for the time being, I have no more desire to try and make this palette work. Not when I have the Vice 4 which is better formulated and has more variety.

❤ Lili

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