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Glowing Skin ft Auric, Becca, and Charlotte Tilbury

I’m not sure what to classify these products as: liquid highlighters, dewy skin tints, illuminators? These multipurpose glow products can be used in whichever way someone wants, but today I will be sharing my thoughts on how they compare to each other and the ways I prefer to use them. In honor of Becca closing its doors on September 30th at 1 PM EST, … Read More Glowing Skin ft Auric, Becca, and Charlotte Tilbury

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters

Becca Cosmetics was initially known for having a very inclusive shade range of complexion products and making shades for the deepest of skin tones that few companies at the time were willing to create. But the main hype around the brand, what it’s best known for, are their shimmering skin perfectors. They became even more popular within Beauty Youtube after collaborating with Jaclyn Hill … Read More Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters

The Highlight of My Makeup

Applying highlighter to the face is like adding icing to a cake. It’s the eye-catching final touch that looks beautiful in person and stunning in photos. Realistically, one highlighter and/or illuminating product is all that’s needed in the standard makeup collection. I gave some of my highlighters to a friend but somehow managed to purchase more than before! In fact, about half of the … Read More The Highlight of My Makeup

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