Let’s Chat About New/Upcoming Beauty Releases

I will be leaving Europe soon, which means I’ll need some time to properly test out all the new items I purchased and had shipped home to the US. In the week or longer that I might need a break in order to finish certain posts I’m still working on, I thought it would be fun to discuss the newest beauty products that have been released, and some that are upcoming. I guess this could also be considered a, “Will I buy it?” type of post in case anyone wanted to know whether to expect a review from me about certain products in the future!

Photo credit is shown in the screenshots and linked to the original Instagram accounts.


Makeup by Mario Cream Blush? Name Unknown

This was a last minute update to the post before it was published. Apparently we can expect cream blushes in the Skin Enhancer formula from Makeup by Mario. I would have thought it’s possible that the container is smaller than it appears and could be a color corrector line since the brand already has cream blushes in stick form, but that didn’t stop them from coming out with the original Skin Enhancers despite having cream stick bronzers too.

I never tried the Enhancers because I heard they were more on the sheer side, and for that reason I think I will be skipping this release. I tend to prefer medium or higher pigmentation with the ability to apply a small amount and blend it out to be on the more sheer or natural side. I don’t like to do the reverse with cream products where I would need to add more and more layers to build up to the amount of color I want, at the expense of it potentially feeling heavier or sticky/not setting to a dry finish. I have no idea how it would perform, but the other reason I don’t think I’ll buy it is because I already have a gorgeous color (Earthy Pink) in the Soft Pop Blush Stick line from them and I almost never use it anymore. I’d rather not spend money on another one for it to meet the same fate.

Nars Afterglow Liquid Blush

Dolce Vita and Brazen are the two most appealing shades for me out of the six, and especially Dolce Vita since I picked up that shade in the powder blush several months ago and find it to be quite pretty. Based on the claims of it being skincare infused, streakless, and transfer-resistant, I’m especially interested. The shiny and not fully opaque look to them reminds me of either two things: a lightweight buildable coverage product like the Glossier Cloud Paints that are a fantastic formula, or something dewy and serum-like such as the Colourpop Serum Blushes I hated. So, I could really love it or hate it.
Plus, I don’t really know how different this formula will be compared to the other liquid blushes from Nars that have extremely mixed reviews.

So, I will ultimately skip getting these. In my opinion, Rare Beauty and Glossier have the perfect liquid blush formulas for those who want pigmentation or those who want something buildable. Both of their products are in the $20 range, so I’d rather stick with something that can’t get any more perfect (other than shade color) rather than try something more expensive that could only hope to be just as good, if we let go of the extra skincare benefits.

Huda Beauty Lip Blush Lip & Cheek Stain

Every year, I steadily become a bigger fan of Huda Beauty and the sub brands. My positive experience with the brand is the only reason I find this release intriguing, because I am usually dissatisfied with products intended for cheeks and lips combined. At best, I tend to like them for only one of the two purposes. So, I wonder to myself, could Huda’s team have found the exception to the rule?
I won’t be the one to find out. I’d rather not make a purchase purely because it’s coming from a brand I like. If I took the Huda name away from the image and asked myself if this would be appealing if it came from the drugstore or a medium/high end brand I didn’t recognize…would I still want it? The answer is honestly no. So, for the sake of my low-buy I’m still attempting to keep in mind, I’m going to pass on it.

L’oreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Blush

I recently decluttered the L’oreal Infallible foundation that I was using as a bronzer (prior to the bronzer release), so it feels like I shouldn’t add another product from the line to my collection. However, with how soft and smooth that powder was, I can just imagine it being lovely in a blush form. In addition, this line has a coral and a rosewood that are two of my favorite types of blush colors. Considering the more “affordable” price compared to some of the expensive ones of late that I’ve purchased, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this release for long. If I had zero experience with the Infallible line, I think I could have talked myself out of it, but knowing chances are very high that I’ll like it makes it even more difficult deny myself from getting them. And yes, I would likely get both Fearless Coral and Daring Rosewood unless it turns out the colors are inaccurately depicted.

Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder

I like the Rose Feu matte blush I own from Hermes, but the fact that I barely use it was a strong enough reason for me to consider banning myself from buying more. However, the moment I learned that these additional shades had an “iridescent finish,” and that the Rose Cuivre shade has gold shimmer, instead of silver as I feared, my interest grew exponentially.
I can at least say that I will not be purchasing this in the compact. If I do choose to get this shade, it would have to be in the refill form and I would put it in a spare backup compact from another brand. I remember hearing something about the “refill” aspect not being as simple as they make it seem (like if they would have to be glued in if it’s not magnetic), but I have items I could use to deal with that problem if that’s the case.

So, this one is a maybe for me. I might get it if my willpower is low, but I am going to actively try to pretend it doesn’t exist.


Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Liquid Glow Bronzer Drops

I thought this would be an easy pass until I made the mistake of watching Tania’s YT video on them. It’s very true that I’m trying to avoid cream and liquid (especially liquid) blushes, bronzers, and most especially highlighters. They don’t last as long as powders and come in sizes I’ll never use up before the suggested period after opening date. The reason this is suddenly appealing is because I truly enjoyed the KVD Mod Contour, because when it looked perfect it was perfect, but when I applied it wrong somehow then it looked so bad I’d have to remove it, reapply foundation, and try again. I also loved the Glossier Solar Paints, but it’s just too sparkly/shimmery. So, the review from Tania saying it was so incredibly easy to use and blended in beautifully makes me feel a pining sensation at the idea of having something like those two I mentioned, but without the flaws. I have plenty of bronzers and have mentioned a few times on this blog that I don’t want to be tempted by more of them. However, I absolutely love a bronzer that melts into the skin, which is why creams and baked gelees are at the top of my ranking lists, and this product has the potential to do that. This is the biggest reason I’ve entertained the idea because it could potentially surpass my Charlotte Tilbury cream one if the color, depth, and formula work out.

Realistically though, this would add time to my routine. I’d need to either use a makeup palette or the back of my hand to drip the drops onto before applying it to my face. Then, I’d have to clean up the leftover drops. The only time this wouldn’t matter is if I was wearing my Rose Inc serum foundation, which I pump out onto the back of my hand and have to wipe off with some Bioderma anyway. And perhaps I’d be saving time if it’s as blendable as described, though I barely have to blend my top favorite bronzers much anyway. The price is currently the biggest deterrent. It wouldn’t be the most expensive bronzer in my collection, but there’s still a question of whether I’d actually get my money’s worth if I bought it. So, I’m going to get it, but I won’t be shy about returning it if it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Unlike liquid blushes that brands have nailed, it’s my experience that liquid highlighters can be quite hit or miss (tend to be too metallic looking for my taste, disturbs makeup underneath, or sets on the face like a stripe because it doesn’t blend in well enough). I’ve yet to find the perfect liquid bronzer either, so to have something unlike anything else in my collection makes the curiosity factor quite strong. And that’s why I ended up placing my order just before this review went up.


Beekman 1802 Milk Tint SPF 43 Tinted Primer Serum

I’ve been curious about trying Beekman 1802 skincare, so the fact that this is now branching into makeup is extremely appealing! This product is supposed to be a primer with SPF benefits, another appealing attribute, but I mostly was interested in using this as an actual skin tint for natural skin days. The color Rich looks best for me, however, the promo images for the shade Deep has me thinking this will not work out. The model using Deep looks lighter than me (but the photo also looks a bit washed out, so perhaps that’s the issue), plus the close up makes it look so grey tinged, milky, and light on her skin. It’s the same type of issue many foundations with SPF above 30 have in leaving a cast or unnatural tint on top of dark skin due to the specific active ingredients as the sunscreen.

For this reason, I’m going to pass. Even if the casket-ready quality gets covered up with foundation, I didn’t intend to use this product properly as a primer, so I shouldn’t get it. Perhaps if it ever winds up in one of Ulta’s “Beauty Steal” deals for 50% off, I’d consider it. I don’t use primers enough to warrant getting full sizes, so mine don’t usually surpass the $35 mark.

Rituel de Fille 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation

Because I’ve been liking the Rituel de Fille Thorn Oil and have been considering buying an oil based foundation specifically to pair with it, this product definitely sparks my interest. After all the past issues I’ve had with the brand’s products (my lanolin allergy and their preservation methods) I took a long break from buying their products until I gave Thorn Oil a try last year. Now, I’m a bit more willing to test more of their offerings. I think Potion #180 might be the shade for me, so I’m planning to purchase a sample from their website (if that becomes an option) and see how that goes before committing to buying the full-size bottle. Even though I have dry skin, I need to make sure that it wouldn’t be too heavy or glowy on my skin. I only use 2-3 drops of Thorn Oil (the brand recommends 5-10 drops depending on the intended areas of use), because my skin takes forever to absorb more than that. So, I don’t know if 2-3 of Thorn Oil plus 1-3 of this foundation might be too much. This is why I’m a little more tentative about just buying it immediately.

Tarte Shape Tape Radiant Concealer

Considering the original Shape Tape concealer is the most repurchased makeup in my collection and I’ve gone through countless tubes in various shades, it’s no surprise that my ears perk up the moment something new with the Shape Tape name comes into existence. However, I absolutely hated the creamy version and even though I have Sahara dry under eyes, I still don’t tend to like the look of luminous or radiant concealers under my eyes (especially when it’s shinier than the rest of my face). So, right away, I’m not interested in buying this one. In addition, it’s described as being medium coverage, when the whole reason I liked the original was for its full coverage goodness.

Even though this is clearly not a release for me, I understand the move from Tarte wanting to reach the consumers who disliked the original because it was said to look too drying or too heavy. So, to those who are thrilled to now have this option, I’m happy for them and hope it works out.


Lisa Eldridge Skin Enhancing Treatment Cleanser, Luxuriously Gentle Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths, and Skin and Makeup Enhancing Mist

I’m going to start off by saying I purchased the Cleansing Duo, which contains the cleanser and the cloths. This is one of the purchases I’m excited to try out when I’m able to open the package when I’m back in the US. I’ve been staunch in my belief that a cleanser shouldn’t be expensive since it gets washed off too quickly for any active ingredients to give skincare benefits. And for that reason, I’ve stuck to my decision to not spend more than $25 on a cleanser. However, there’s a first time for everything and in watching Lisa Eldridge’s video, I was able to rationalize why this one should be the exception to my rule.

The first reason is that, according to Lisa, the cleanser is clinically proven to remove all traces of SPF, intense makeup, and so on which removes the need to double cleanse. My version of double cleansing is to use either a makeup wipe (Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Tissue pack of 80 for $12) or Makeup Eraser ($20) with my Bioderma ($18 or more for 500ml) as the first round of makeup removal. Then, I go in with a gentle cleanser or heavy duty one depending on how many layers were on my face (typically something in the $18-$25 range). I also own cleansers and face washes for non-makeup days that I keep in my shower that are also $25 or under. So, my full cleanser arsenal adds up to being way more than the cost of Lisa’s cleanser since I use multiple products. If I feel truly confident that this can replace several steps and several products, it could be worth it. Especially since I go through 2 Skinfood wipe packages and at least 2 bottles of Bioderma a year, so the bottle’s 200 uses within the cleanser bottle requiring probably 2 purchases a year still evens out.

The second reason I decided to break my own rules is that this is supposed to be used on the skin for longer than a normal cleanser (at least 2 minutes if used as a treatment mask) and was clinically proven after 2 minutes to increase the skin’s hydration by 75%. So, there is time for this cleanser to have some additional benefits. Lisa’s details about the ingredients that make this special, the efficacy, sustainability of packaging, no added fragrance, etc. is why this could be a holy grail skincare situation for me. We shall see!

As for the cleansing cloths, they looked to be a comparable size to the Makeup Eraser cloths (though square shaped instead of long and ovular), but you get two for $12 versus one for $20 (or $10 when it goes on sale at Ulta). If this turns out to be just as good as the ones I’m used to, or better, I’ll be thrilled. As part of the cleansing duo, they’re basically 2 for $6 and double-sided just like the Makeup Eraser, so that seemed definitely worth trying out.

I decided not to get the Skin and Makeup Mist because I’m very set in my ways. For the skin, I love the Skin House Aloe Water Mist (though I wish it was fragrance free) and for melting my makeup I like the MAC Fix+ and those two products combined are less expensive than Lisa’s product. Although she talked about what made hers special in the video, I didn’t feel like the extra benefits that made it better than what I’m already using was worth the increased price I’d be paying. In addition, even though I do go through mists and sprays, it takes me a super long time. I don’t go through them quickly, so my semi-newly repurchased ones are going to last me the rest of this year. I don’t need anything except maybe a setting spray to actually make my makeup last longer. Now, if Lisa’s brand comes out with something that locks in makeup (like Urban Decay All Nighter) or makes it nearly waterproof without needing to resort to alcohol or other harsh ingredients, that would be the kind of innovation that would make me jump up and buy it.


Chantecaille “The Cosmos” Collection

Prepare for a rant on this one because I’m salty! I’m salty and jealous! Do you see the gloriousness of that bronzer’s packaging? Stunning! The highlighter packaging is pretty as well. Lip products are something I can usually pass on (when I haven’t randomly lost my mind and gone on a lippie buying spree), if it doesn’t have some kind of ultra conditioning property to them. Plus, the most expensive lipstick I’ve ever bought has never surpassed $40 and I don’t intend to break that streak, especially for a sheer product. However, the bronzer and highlighter are products I would desperately want to own if they came in shades I could use.

I feel exasperated seeing the brand repeatedly release only 1-2 shades per category of product (with a repeat to boot). This bronzer is essentially the equivalent of their Sirena shade. They’ve only had two colors in their powder bronzer line for ages and decided to use the same one again instead of expanding. And why they chose another light highlighter (granted it appears more golden and a little darker in swatches than it looks in the compact) after having just released the pale highlighter from the Lotus Collection is beyond me.

I believe the only product from Chantecaille that I ever reviewed on this blog was the Perfect Blur Powder because it’s the only thing (until a few months ago) that I’ve purchased from them that worked out enough for me to keep. Technically, this occurred after I sold the original shade to pay for the purchase of the Med/Deep color when it was eventually released. Of course, I was unhappy that the new color didn’t come in that gorgeous Hummingbird packaging, but I was glad to have at least avoided the Flower Power packaging that I despised in favor of the pebbled permanent one that came 6 months to a year later.

July 2020 was when I purchased my first ever product from Chantecaille. The beautiful Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo which was insanely hard-pressed (to this day the hardest press of any product I’ve ever owned) and I could hardly pick up the product with any of my brushes. During the second use, the highlighter completely popped out of the compact (even though I wasn’t even using the highlighter at the time). That went right back to Chantecaille and I didn’t end up ever reviewing it.

Then I purchased one of the Philanthropy blushes and had a reaction to it on my cheeks, so I got rid of that. I purchased the bronzer in Goa and it was so grey that I couldn’t even use it like a contour. I looked like I had one foot in the grave, so that got decluttered too. The deeper face powder was the first success I had until recently, but it’s not worth full price to me. It’s nice, but I like the Dior Powder-No-Powder way better. The only product from Chantecaille that I actually love is the Sunbeam Cheek and Eye Shade in Ray, which makes a gorgeous highlighter for tan and deeper skin tones, a pretty eyeshadow or bronzey blush for those medium and lighter.

I know the formula of Chantecaille’s powder bronzer is great, so I’d love to have one from them in a color that actually works for me and is in pretty packaging. I just don’t know why the brand insists on taking two steps backwards after every attempt to take one step forward towards being inclusive. They’re worse at this than Hourglass.
I hoped that with a new CEO and the brand being acquired by Beiersdorf that there would be an opportunity for Chantecaille to make changes for the better last year, but either it takes longer than I expect or they’re sticking to the status quo.

So, will I be getting the highlighter? I have my doubts that I could pull off a shade that light, even though the shimmer is darker than it looks. And honestly, I’m happy enough with the highlighter from them I currently have.
Will I be getting the bronzer? In the past, I’ve saved some bronzers intended for those with light skin and used them as highlighters, so the thought crossed my mind because of how enamored I was with the packaging. However, I think the base color may be too pigmented for that, and I have too many amazing bronzers and highlighters to spend anywhere between $35-$84 (whichever price it may be discounted to in the future) in order to find usefulness for a product from a brand that is quite exclusionary in its range and pricing.

And, by the way, doesn’t the pattern look more like a geode/crystal than a galaxy (especially the pink one) or an acrylic pour painting? Calling this launch a “cosmos” collection that should be all about vastness and grandeur, while using the most restrictive and uninspired makeup options is quite bold of them.

Enjoy the cosmos with the tiny demographic you care about, Chantecaille.

Final Summary

I will probably get two L’Oreal Infallible Blushes, I might cave and try the Hermes Blush in Rose Cuivre eventually, I already ordered the Armani Liquid Bronzer in the deepest shade, plus two of the three Lisa Eldridge skincare products. Everything else I’m definitely skipping or have a very low probability of buying.

That’s everything for this week. Thank you for reading.