Swatchfest Part 2: Harry Potter x Ulta

Harry Potter had a huge impact on my life, even into adulthood. I have memories of spending time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with friends and significant others. Although the initial launch of this brand collab happened around the time J.K. Rowling was actively trying to get herself canceled on Twitter, I couldn’t help myself but to purchase this collection despite being underwhelmed by the palette designs for my favorite House (Ravenclaw), the bland and poorly represented color stories, and what I imagined to be the actual quality of the products considering this is part of Ulta Beauty’s line of cosmetics.

The Eyeshadow Vault from the first launch was so disappointing, in terms of color stories, that I had zero inspiration to use it on my eyes and it just functions as a collector item. This is why it’s perfect for a Swatchfest post!

The palettes have color initials in the center of the photo in case it is unclear which palette represents which house, as it can be understandably confusing.

Ulta recently released specific house cosmetic kits which included a mini eyeshadow palette, tinted lip balm, an absolutely adorable quill pot eyeliner, and a jar of highlighting pearls. I purchased the Ravenclaw one and was pleased with the palette’s color story this time around. The packaging as well is so much better. It looks like an officially licensed product and not an “inspired” knockoff like the last one.

The lip balm is a pretty color but way too emollient and has an odd slightly burnt waxy smell. The cream liner needs a few layers to look completely opaque but it’s pretty, and the highlighting pearls are exactly as I imagined they would be: dusty and ashy on my skin tone.

The Ravenclaw bag didn’t come with the Ravenclaw House Kit. I just bought it during the first round of Harry Potter x Ulta products that launched. Although I liked the second round better, I don’t have much hope for an actual recommendable third round. So if there will be one, I hope I have the strength to save my money and resist it.

Again, I couldn’t help adding a little bit of input to the Swatchfest. Thank you for taking a look at this post!