Ulta Expanding Their Reward Tiers

*Updated 01/02/18 at the end of this post.

What are Diamond Ultamate Rewards?

As I was checking my email this morning I noticed this portion which was a link to a countdown.

Upon clicking it, I saw “Diamond Ultamate Rewards” as the banner name.

At the time that I’m writing this, Ulta has yet to make an official announcement and no media outlets have posted but I believe Ulta is adding an additional tier to their reward program! Diamonds fit the “sparkly” hint and the countdown goes to January 1st which is when the year to date spending gets reset for everyone.

Their current Platinum tier is fantastic. I frequently get set 20% off coupons, there are days when certain brand items go for 5x or 10x the points, sometimes those even stack with other platinum multipliers or specific item multipliers like the one I received today:

For spending $450 in a calendar year you get these perks plus special platinum only deals, early access to certain product releases, an automatic .25 extra points per dollar in their reward program, etc.

Their points can be redeemed for the equivalent of store/online credit and they are worth more as you save more (especially at the 1000 and 2000 point levels). Plus, when you redeem points you can combine them with 20% off coupons for even more savings!

What could Diamond Status mean for customers?

The biggest thing customers have been asking for is free shipping (beyond their current $50 purchase minimum or sometimes $35 minimum). Other possibilities could be increased percentages on prestige coupons, even earlier access to products, more point multipliers, etc. There is no way to tell until they announce it but this is already such exciting news!

I can also only guess that it might take $750 or $1,000 in a calendar year to reach Diamond Status. I will certainly update this post once the full details have been officially announced. My biggest hope though is that the current Platinum Status won’t change and that Ulta won’t take away perks from Platinum and transfer them onto the higher Diamond Tier. It would be great to see the new Diamond Status only add to the amazing perks Ulta has to offer.

UPDATE: JANUARY 2, 2018 – Ulta has confirmed their new Diamond Tier and it’s much higher than I anticipated for less perks than expected. $1,200 gets customers 0.25 more points per dollar than platinum and daily free shipping with $25+ purchases.



I think I’d rather buy myself an actual diamond.



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