Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Review

Well that absence was unexpected!

With all of the holiday (and my birthday) celebrations going on, I had an unplanned vacation from my blog. But today I have a review of the eyeshadow palette which is my new go-to for pops of color.

k1This was a limited edition palette that I bought at Sephora. It is no longer in stock but there is an email option for it on the official Kat Von D website, so it may become available again for purchase there.

*The link is no longer working, however, I have kept it there in case it does return again.


I wanted to get Raw Power from KVD’s Metal Crush eyeshadow line but Rewind is close enough to that shade that I now feel I can go without it. This and Harpsichord are the two shades I was most excited to use. It looks burgundy on my arm swatch but on my eyelid it looks closer to plum. It’s a little uneven in my 2-swipe-swatch but it is buildable.

  1. Harpsichord

This shade is perfection! It seems like the cosmetic industry makes coppery orange shades very well (that or I’m lucky) because I have not come across one yet that I have not liked. It is smooth both visually and in texture. I have found no negatives to this eyeshadow.

  1. Analogue

I was surprised by how wonderful this matte orange looked on my skin. The quality is fantastic. Again, there are no negatives.

  1. Fran

This is a nice matte as well. I will get the least use out of a shade like this but it’s nice to have in case I ever need a bright yellow.

  1. Legend

I call this shade a lemon-gold and until now I had nothing like it in my collection. It does need to be built up in order to see its full vibrancy.

The Daybreak Look

kvdsunkvdsunclosedkvdsun2bLegend is the inner corner highlight and under the brow. Analogue is above the crease. Vox is in the crease. It is also mixed with Rewind on the outer third of the lid. Harpsichord is the transition on both sides of Analogue. Rewind is on the lid and 2/3 of the lower lash line. Black Metal is on the outer third of the lower lash line.


Destroyer is not a true red. It’s like an extremely dark pink. The pigmentation is noticeably lacking, even on top of a primer.

  1. Swoon

The quality of this matte is a bit better than Destroyer, but still patchy.


I liked this light pink shimmer shadow more than I expected. It is pigmented and smooth to the touch.

  1. Anthem

This one is a pretty shade. Even though it feels soft, it looks chalky in swatches and on the lid.

  1. Muse

This looks powdery like Anthem but it is a bit more even in color and texture.


On the flip side, Echo is worse than Anthem. It has a little fallout from the glitter, looks chalky and patchy. I had a difficult time capturing its true pan color on camera (perhaps from the reflective glitter). It is one of those violet-blue colors I see in many other palettes and I have not had very good luck with the quality of those shades.

  1. Dark Wave

This is a little uneven and powdery looking too but it’s a step up from Echo.


This bright blue is similar in quality to Dark Wave but it’s very pigmented.

  1. Hyperballad

I have to also draw comparisons to Dark Wave. It’s similar quality but much smoother. I have nothing else in my collection that is this shade of dark teal.

csk7ks6Black Metal

The swatch shows it all. It looks very dark at first but it’s patchy. When I try to add more and blend, it fades to a dark grey and not the intense black that it initially seems. In my Green Look, there was one spot that refused to get any color. I got so frustrated that I had to get my Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette to touch up the corner and complete the look.

  1. Skulls

Although I hardly use white, this shimmer shade is fantastic quality. No negatives.

The Green Look

facekvdkvdclosed1Noble is under the brow, Analogue is blended out underneath. Vox is in the crease as well as slightly above it. Black Metal (and a touch of Licorice) is in the outer V. Vinyl is in the inner corner and inner third of the lid. Misfit is in the center of the lid and Lemmy is in the outer.


There was a little fallout when I used this shade but I do my eye makeup before the rest of my face, so I was able to get rid of it and the remainder stayed.

  1. Misfit

This shade is of decent quality and color.

  1. Vinyl

It takes quite a bit of product to build this up.


This shadow surprised me because it looks light beige but it has this gorgeous white-pink sparkle sheen to it. I swatched it several times in different lighting to confirm that I wasn’t seeing things.

  1. Moulder

I didn’t like this at first but it has grown on me. It’s so light that it looks white but there is a bit of yellow to it. It can work as a highlight shade. It’s a touch powdery though.

csk10The left side is without flash. The right side is with flash. The flash version shows Noble and Strutter correctly. Neither version captured the dark brown that Vox looks like in the pan, however the non-flash version accurately shows its swatch color.


This looks black and it’s not easy to blend at all. I wish it was a richer brown. In fact, if I use this in the future I will continue to pair it with Analogue to help bring out the brown tones in it. In the Daybreak Look, I couldn’t smoke it well enough so I used Harpsichord to mute out the harsh line between Analogue and Vox.

  1. Noble

It’s the highlight shade in the Green Look. It takes a lot of product to show on my skin tone. A few swipes is too sheer.

  1. Strutter

There isn’t anything that I like about this eyeshadow. To me, it’s an unflattering color, is patchy, and looks almost dirty.

kvsleeeditOverall, I can get so much use out of this palette. The shade variety is fantastic and I love the mix of mattes and shimmers. The majority are pigmented although many are also patchy. The real disappointment for me are the neutrals. The palette could have benefited from having a true medium brown shade replace Strutter. The quality is so lacking that I need a separate neutral palette if I want to create a more wearable, everyday look. However, the positives outweigh the negatives. I think it’s a beautiful palette and is thankfully more than just a collector’s item.

*You can change the setting of the video for higher quality.

❤ Lili

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